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About Us

August 8, 2017 by admin

We are a community of homeowners who have enjoyed sharing our personal homes with those who love the beach as much as we do.

In the past, we advertised our homes through large, national companies using their on-line services. However, some of these companies have migrated from advertising and marketing websites (where we had immediate contact with guests and there were no booking/ handling service fees) to booking sites which now impose extra fees on our guests and restrict communications between the owner and prospective renter. These changes seem to benefit only the booking company. This approach delivers no value to guests nor to the homeowner.

We believe that our guests should not pay extra fees that deliver no value. We also believe that you agree with us. So, we have unanimously decided to breakaway and create our own website which mirrors our values and our individual approaches to renting our homes.We also realize that with the rapid increase in the number of online services, the potential for mis-representation is possible.  We have chosen to allay that fear by having our homes and owners verified by an independent 3rd party company – Fireball Approves. You can contact them to receive the validation you want and assure yourself that everything is legitimate.

The benefits from working with us to plan your trips are quite evident. The cost for renting a property for your family is lower and the opportunity to receive unmatched personal service from the owners leads to a great vacation. After all, this is what you expect, isn’t it?

Our Pledge

This website is not about collecting fees or hiding information. It is simply a platform which will match a community of beach vacationers to the best vacation property for their needs, and to connect them directly to owners who will deliver unmatched attention for unmatched satisfaction.

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